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Lorenzo Delano is a…

Structural Specialist Who Builds Educational Programs & Courses Through His Company Benchmark.

What Is A Structural Specialist?

A structural specialist is a person particularly adept at reorganising an individual’s or a business’ resources (digital or physical) for maximum utility. 

Lorenzo has a special interest in translating the applied sciences (its philosophy) and various educational resources into programs and courses – and through that, helps his clients help others live healthier, smarter, and more impactful lives.

Speaker at the LCK Experience Mexico

Lorenzo Delano is the

Founder of Benchmark

Benchmark is Lorenzo Delano’s company in which he helps the world’s most influential individuals and businesses formulate and deliver the: 1) highest-standard transformative-education solutions (benchmarks) to the greatest number of suitable learners in the most economically 2) productive (profitability) and 3) efficient (leverage) way possible.

Which means…

If you are an influential individual, or a business, who have something you want to teach the world, something very valuable that nobody else has, or know of, and you want to reach the most people possible who can use this knowledge in the best way – then you need Lorenzo’s Benchmark system.

With meticulous and deep thought, Lorenzo designed and developed a framework that translates knowledge – and knowledge that has an influence on the subject – into transformative educational material (content, courses, programs), designed to facilitate learning and develop new skills – in the most effective way possible.

Speaker at Mindvalley U

Personal Transformation Educational Programs

Lorenzo serves as chief education officer to several entities where he’s responsible for maximising the transformative potential of their (and associated authors’) education-based assets – turning best selling books and lifelong works into courses and programs so others can learn from what they know. 

What These Experts Say About Lorenzo

Vishen LakhianiFounder of Mindvalley

Lorenzo is a genius who necessarily plays multiple roles in my life: personal trainer, education advisor, Mindvalley author, and business partner.

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Ken WilberAmerican Philosopher & Published Author

Lorenzo is one of my favourite people in the world. Not unlike integral theory, coming into contact with Lorenzo’s perspective will leave stretch-marks all over your mind (and bring depth to your work).

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Dr John DemartiniHuman Behaviour Expert, Polymath & Internationally Published Author

Lorenzo is very dedicated to studying and learning, sometimes he’s says what I wanted to say, without me saying it.

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Ben Greenfield – Author & Biohacker

Lorenzo is one of the most organised thinkers you’ll get the chance to learn from and work with. You’re in for a real treat.

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Let Lorenzo help you turn your books and lifelong works into courses and programs so others can learn from what you know. 

As a Structural Specialist and Benchmark’s pioneering methodologies, Lorenzo will help you create a well-organised structure that allows for achieving more with less – which means, your course or program is organised and structured in the most optimal way for maximum utility.

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Let Lorenzo’s innovative and knowledge-dense talks fascinate your audience with new insights and ideas.

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The 10 X Method

Lorenzo Delano is

Creator of the 10X Method

Lorenzo’s most popular program, the 10X Method is an essentialist longevity-based strength and muscle building program and coaching certification, which has graduated over 10,000 students and 1000 coaches since its launch in 2020.