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About Lorenzo Delano

Lorenzo Delano Is A…

  • Structural Specialist, and…
  • Educational Program Developer And Producer 

Structural Specialist  

A structural specialist is a person particularly adept to reorganise resources within any structure for maximum utility. 

Lorenzo creates a well-organised structure that allows for achieving more in less time, with the utmost efficacy.

Having a robust, effective, strong, stable and durable structural integrity (designed of your personal ecosystem), in its full capacity, will be most resilient and withstand any load, force, stress, and conditions without experiencing failure, deformation, or collapse.

The more organised you are, the more clear and directed you’ll be, and the better your entire ecosystem will function in support of what your outcomes need to be.

Works With Professionals With Demanding Roles

Lorenzo works with individuals who are most dependent on their level of performance, such as:

  • Prominent Celebrities (Artists, Musicians, Models, Entertainers, Actors, Athletes, Fashion designers, News correspondents, Anchors, Public figures)
  • UHNWI individuals (Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives, Doctors, Lawyers)

Educational Program Developer, Producer and Director

Lorenzo translates knowledge of a particular subject – and knowledge that has an influence on the subject (such as applied sciences and philosophy) into transformative educational material (content, courses, programs), designed to facilitate learning and skill development.