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The 10X Method

Lorenzo Created the 10X Method

Lorenzo’s most popular exercise physiology program – the 10X method – is an essentialist longevity-based strength and muscle building protocol which has graduated over 10,000 students and 1000 coaches since its launch in 2020 via… 

  • The 10X Fitness Quest – a 3 month online program hosted on Mindvalley and presented by Ronan Diego de Oliveira.

Each year Lorenzo and partner Jelena Lakic team up for 16 weeks to train and certify over a thousand individuals in the 10X method. If you want to transform your body (and those of your clients) while learning how to run a successful health coaching business then this is for you.

Who is Jelena?

Jelena Lakic is the (creator of the Longevity Recomp Assessment (LRA), the most comprehensive, personalised fat-loss plan service available anywhere, and the Longevity Recomp Masterclass (LRM), the first body-recomp program-design certification designed for clients and coaches).

Who is Ajit Nawalkha?

Ajit Nawalkha, is co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, the Global Grit Institute, and Evercoach: a global coaching education centre that serves over 100,000 coaches around the world, and podcast Master Coaching with Ajit.

How It Started

Lorenzo’s own personal health and fitness journey started at age 16 when his older brother died of an illness that could have been prevented by a healthier lifestyle. This painful experience led to his unstoppable curiosity and growth. 

Lorenzo put all his time, energy, and money into researching and studying health, wellbeing, exercise, body science, biology, anatomy, blood chemistry, science and chemistry, and analysing his clients’ physical differences, how exercise would affect all types and shapes, and how it could fit into their busy lifestyles. 

The 10x method was the result, representing his goal of delivering the most efficient solutions (minimum effective dose) to people’s fitness needs.

After a further 10+ years of academic studies and research into integral theory and structural integrity, Lorenzo has developed into a structural specialist, in which he creates (for his clients) the shortest and most effective paths to profound personal transformation and achievement.